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Universal attachment plate

Change out your buckets current mounting system to a more universal style, with the universal attachment plate. ( bucket conversion )

unversal mounting plate

The universal style attachment plate comes already spaced and squared. To do the conversion remove the old hook-up from your bucket and weld the new universal plate in it’s place on the bucket.

The universal attachment plate which welds in to place, has oval shaped openings that allows greater weld coverage, for a stronger weld spread between the universal atachment plate and your bucket.

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View/Print One Page Specifications [PDF]

Universal plate [PDF]



What style of hook up does your skid steer have?


skid-steer universal bulit-in mount

Check your skid-steer manufacturer specifications before ordering.

Here is our measurements.

universal plate measurements


Complete assembly measurements

  • Inside height: 16"
  • Inside width: 44.5"
  • Overall width: 45"


Universal attachment plate part #


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