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Trencher attachments by Lowe®. Choose between 5 base trenching models with multiple variations, XR-7, XR-14, XR-21, XR-25 and the XR-35. Depending on the model you choose, trencher capabilities such as trench depth, trench width and recommended hydraulic flow will vary, for example: possible trench depth runs from 2' to 3' when using model XR-7 and 2' to 5' with model XR-35. Possible trench width runs from 4" to 8" when using model XR-7 and 6" to 12" on models XR-14 thru XR-35.

While the Lowe® XR models may look alike, many of the differences between them comes from the different hydraulic motors and drive sprockets used. Call us to help you pick the right trencher for your trenching needs. Call 1-800-445-8244

Trencher with auger by Lowe

Required setup items: trencher, mounting attachment, hose kit. Optional setup item: trench cleaner (shown with trench cleaner and an optional digging chain style)

lowe trencher view og double-flighted spoil auger

(optional digging chain style shown)

The XR-Series features a 50,000 lb. digging chain, removable double-flighted spoil auger, self-aligning boom, tapered roller bearings in the nose and high operating pressure capability.

lowe trencher side skid-loader hookup lowe trencher



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Trencher Chain Options


trencher attachment chain


  • Standard :

    best used in loose, damp soil.
  • Double Standard Anti Back Flex:

    Best used in harder, drier soil, it has around twice the number of teeth vs the Standard.
  • Expanded Double Standard Anti Back Flex:

    Best used in loose soils where extra width is needed.
  • Rock and Frost Anti Back Flex:

    Best used in frost and rocky conditions.
  • Half Inch Rock and Frost Anti Back Flex:

    Best used in harder soil and mixed rocky digging conditions.
  • Terminator:

    Best used in hard, dry digging conditions and rock. Five and six inch trench widths are available.


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