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Pallet Fork Spade

A spade for your pallet forks. This spade works in conjunction with your skid steer and your pallet forks attachment.

The unit is light enough to ship via UPS (55 .lbs) but sized right for many digging jobs. Measures 20" by 20". Made with 3/8" thick steel.

Chain, clevis and hooks shown sold separately.

Made in U.S.A..


pallet spade hook-up

Spade fits over the end of your pallet forks.

digging with pallet fork spade

Measures 20" across for more precise digging.

pallet spade side view

pallet forks spade only

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View/Print One Page Specifications [PDF]

Pallet Fork Spade [PDF]



Pallet Fork Spade


placing pallet fork spade on

  • Overall width: 20"
  • Overall height: 20"
  • Required for use: pallet forks attachment.
  • Approx. shipping weight weight: 55 lbs.
  • Material: 3/8" steel.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Call: 1-800-445-8244