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4 in 1 bucket

Four in one skid steer attachments have many uses, and you most likely already have an idea of how you would use a versatile combination bucket attachment like this. It's one of those things you may purchase to help you with a single problem but end up using in many different ways.

So if you have only one way, or 4 or more ways, to use this multi-purpose combination bucket great, we know you will find it useful.

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Four-in-one bucket  scraper

4-in-1 dozer

Four-in-one grapple

4-in-1 clamshell

four-in-one dumping

4-in-1 bottom dump

four-in-one bucket on skid as regular bucket

4-in-1 bucket


bolt-on dual side blade

The 4-in-1 combination bucket, like many of our buckets, has pre-drilled holes to accept an optional bolt-on blade. Dual-edged, the blade can be un-bolted & flipped around to reveal a new cutting surface.


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4 in 1 combination bucket hydraulics


hydraulics on 4-in--1 bucket


4 in 1 bucket specifications

  • Overall width: 66", 72" or 84"
  • Overall depth: 38.5"
  • Overall height: 29"
  • Inside width: 64.75", 70.75" or 82.75"
  • Inside depth: 31"
  • Shipping weight: 66"/727 lbs.
  • Bucket edge: .5" X 6" - C1055 steel
  • Bucket side: .25" A36 steel

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Made in the U.S.A.


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