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Round bale spear

Every well-run farm needs a well-built bale spear. Both the round (RB) and square bale (SB) spears are built to get the job done quick. All bale spears are designed to attach quickly to skid-steers.

The round bale spear (RB) is designed to haul & stack round bales with ease. Choose between 2 or 3 tine configurations. The 3-prong design provides optimal strength & speed. Two small prongs on the bottom stabilize the load while the large prong on top does the heavy lifting. Each model comes with a universal mount plate that fits to most skid loaders, and the bale spear's tapered tines bolt into place for ease of shipment.

bale-spear two prong

The tines are imported.
Spear frame made in the U.S.A.

3 prong bale spear

Frame has top steps.

Product varies from photos shown.

Threaded spike with nut


Tine with nut.

Product varies from photos shown.



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Square Bale Spear

Square bale spear

With a maximum tine diameter of 1.75”.


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Round Bale Spear [PDF]




Round bale spear (2 or 3 point) specifications

tine in frame

  • Height: 19"
  • Width: 46"
  • Spear overall lengths: 23.6” & 49.2”
  • Spear usable lengths: 19” & 45”
  • Tine diameter: 1.4375"


tine configurations for round hay spear

Skid steer round bale spear attachment.

Optional tine configurations.
L = long tine S = short tine

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Round bale spear part #




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