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Auger attachments by Lowe®. Lowe® has two main auger lines, the XL and SK-Series.

First the XL-Series of Hydraulic Augers, Lowe's newest reduction drive (chain drive) auger unit has an American-made hydraulic motor.

The SK-Series is a gear drive (planetary drive) unit line which has a full-length housing and a strong drive hub.

Lowe's hydraulic motors are efficent and offer full-flow lubrication resulting in a cooler running better performing auger.

auger lowe sk-series drive unit

SK-Series augers, a gear drive unit series. (planetary drive)

Depending on SK-Series drive unit choosen, here are some of the choices:

Mount on small to mid-size skid/track loaders/compact excavators to large skid/track loaders/backhoe/large excavators.

Auger bit size: max. 30" to 48"

Hex shaft/non-hex shaft.

Output: 10 to 42 GPM


auger lowe xl-series reduction drive

XL-Series augers, reduction drive unit. (chain drive)

Depending on XL-Series drive unit choosen, here are some of the choices:

Mount on Mini loaders,small skid/track loaders to mid-large skid/track loaders/backhoes/compact excavators.

Auger bit size: max. 18" to 36"

Output: 5 to 25 GPM


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auger bit skid steer

Auger bit choices

  • SQ-Series Auger bits, standard duty digging in light to moderate ground conditions.
  • TSQ-Series Auger bits, have smaller diameter auger flighting on the bottom which leaves space for root balls.
  • RSQ-Series Auger bits, for digging holes in fractureable rock and coral.
  • LP-Series Auger bits, for harder, drier digging conditions and compact soils.
  • LX-Series Auger bits, for use with larger, more powerful auger drive units, under tough and abrasive conditions.

Auger Extensions


  • Auger extensions are used when you need to dig deeper holes. Various lengths 14" to 60" to choose from.

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